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Pepperjam is a 9-piece band from Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK. They are well known for their storming live shows with a great atmosphere, always guaranteed to get everyone up, dancing and in a party mood, whilst still delivering a socially and politically aware message. Pepperjam are a collection of very experienced musicians and could even be termed 'old school' in that 'what you see is what you get' with everything in their shows played live, as you see it.

They play all original songs drawing influences from the very wide range of styles. So their material is varied but they still create an easily-identifiable sound that is distinctly 'Pepperjam' and always has a back-beat which is irresistible.

The music is rooted in Reggae, Dub, Rocksteady, Ska, Soul, Funk and Jazz but has a rocky, sometimes post-punky edge.

  • Lorry's vocals are strong, rich and often dark, backed up by sweet vocals from Rebecca and Jo.
  • With this kind of music, the rhythm section is key. The whole sound is underpinned by rock-solid drums from Leigh and earth-rumbling bass from Steve.
  • Stinging and melodic brass riffs are another major characteristic of the sound, ably delivered by James and Mick on Trumpet and Trombone. If you like brass, you'll love Pepperjam!
  • The top end is held together by Sam's keyboards, Dave's lead guitar and Lorry's rhythm guitar. Between them, these interplay together, providing the all-important back-beat but also creating some scintillating solo's, along with the brass, which 'keeps the musos happy'.

Pepperjam Members

Lorry Dowling

Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Main Songwriter

Steve Andrews


Steve Arrand


Sam Head


Kelly Heaton

Backing Vocals

Rob Kenny


Dave Ledgard

Lead Guitar

Rachel Lewis

Backing Vocals

Mick Taylor




Teal Bain-Roben


Jo Gerard

Backing Vocals

James Jones


Rebecca Roberts

Backing Vocals

Leigh Stothard


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