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Rise Again - Music Video Release & AVAI Fundraiser

We're coming off a high from our last gig on Saturday at Unity Day Festival in Hyde Park - the audience was amazing and we loved every minute! We really are proud to have been there providing you all with our tunes from 'Bedrock' and some ones that are yet to be released...

So it is with even greater pleasure that we can announce today that our long anticipated music video for 'Rise Again' will be coming to you via the medium of our YouTube channel this Saturday! Prepare to watch a story unfold about two young lads in a northern town who find their way into a disused boxing gym... whilst listening to the upbeat tones of 'Rise Again'! 

If just watching our spectacular new music video and re-listening to the wonders of 'Bedrock' aren't enough for you... then come on down to The Exchange Arts Centre in Keighley on Saturday 19th August to see us headline the Aire Valley Against Incinerator Fundraiser. All ticket proceeds go towards a worthy local cause! We'll be playing alongside talented artists Liam Newton and Lynsey Cawthra, so it will definitely be worth your while!

Especially as we'll be premiering our new Pepperjam merchandise range: starting with T-Shirts, printed and designed by the talented folks at Oxblood & Co! As well as the fresh off the press copies of the 'Bedrock' deluxe edition - a PHYSICAL copy complete with five other original tracks plus 'We Are The Many' as a Bonus Track! With accompanying lyric sheets, band info and digipack design courtesy of Neil Thomas.